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Are we Business Ready?

With growing business needs and quicker transaction time, We have made our business system fully ready to meet the customer needs and have our infrastructure ready for Tomorrow. So We’re ready for Business to execute, support and innovate. With an experience of 6yrs in catering to our domestic & international customers, We have seamlessly integrated our various depts. Such as QC, Dispatch, Logistics, Sales & Accounts to give a pleasing experience to our customers.

Time Is Money. And Businesses today need to implement ideas quicker. We value the essence of time, Hence We have come up with innovative ideas and automation systems in our Operations dept. to shorten the response time to You. Be it Sales, Service or Just Any information. We assure you that every query will be handled diligently. We have all the infrastructure in place to ensure quicker and error-free business transactions. We are Business Ready, Our Infrastructure, our teams – QC, Despatch, Logistics, Service, Sales & Accounts are well integrated to give you the best business experience.

How reliable are Raj Aiswari Products & Services?

We believe that every product should have maximized value, utility & capability to meet the worth of resources spent on it. Our products and workshops respect & enact on the Green initiative. They meet CE, RoHS & major International safety and quality standards. Most of our products stand the European & American Industrial standards in terms of their performance. Raj Aiswari has earned a reputation that makes it a preferred choice for customers who look for Best in every aspect. Our products are tested in various environments to perform in any condition and ambiance. For instance, Our machines are run on the varied temperature in an Adjustable temperature ambient for 48hrs constantly and its data is collected on Server, after verification of the data QC clears the machines for shipment. There are various such tests done on all levels of part procurement, production, and assembly.

What technology drives our Truscan detection technology?

Super fakes are a nightmare. With a growing circulation of super fakes and due to the availability of super technology, fabricating super fakes seems possible and it exists in every corner of the country. They look like original, feel like original and have most features that are found in original notes. These notes are very difficult to discriminate against even by currency experts. These currencies bear almost all security features including – Intaglio printing, Fluorescence printing, Watermark printing, Microprinting, etc. They have very minute differentiation in printing intensity from that of original which is precisely read and formulated by our advanced detection technology systems and thus discriminated between genuine and suspicious notes. Problems might crop up with scribbled notes; misprint defective notes are used for testing, We have still isolated it by focusing our testing process on critical areas of currency so that even poor and deformed currency can be tested in its maximum efficiency. With very meticulously designed software, detection technique has been most ideal for Bangladeshi currency and conditions.

Knowing misprint, defective & fake:

  • Misprint is normally a slight deviation in printing output like misaligned printing, diluted print impressions, etc.
  • Defective notes are normally severely washed notes, scribbled notes, holed notes, cut notes, etc.
  • Fake notes are normally regarded as suspicious notes as no one can legally authenticate or validate any currency as fake, as only authorized personnel from the government are entitled to term fake notes as so by carrying on various tests or due inspection of the said currency. Hence all our instruments term the fake notes as suspicious notes vied special error code shown on the display of the instrument & additional alarm to firmly identify the suspicious note.
How long it will take to deliver Gold Testing Results?

It usually less than 24 hours depending on the amount and workload. We try our best to deliver everything as soon as possible.

Raj Aiswari's Warranty Statement

During the warranty period, Raj Aiswari will repair or at its option replace at no charge, components that prove to be defective, provided that the machine is returned to a service center authorized by Raj Aiswari. The warranty period shall begin from the date of installation or 15 days from the date of shipment to the buyer whichever occurs first. The warranty period is 12 months (Subject to Products) from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply if the machine has been damaged by accident or misuse exposed to radioactive or corrosive materials, or as a result of service or modification by other than an authorized Raj Aiswariservice center a properly completed warranty registration card must be received by Raj Aiswari within 30 days from date of purchase to initiate coverage under the warranty. No other expenses are given by Raj Aiswari. Raj Aiswari shall not be liable for any consequential damages.

Disclaimer: Detection functionality products are merely an aid for detecting with utmost accuracy their validation should only be seen as an indication to suspected counterfeit note and not as certifier or authenticator of counterfeit notes. In the event of non – performance of the detection function, suppliers cannot be held responsible. This equipment is a substitute for human skill. It is only an aid.

Warranty safe: Do not keep the emergency overriding keys inside the safe, the company shall not provide duplicate keys in any eventuality.

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